Foxborough Schools Upgrading Point of Sale Systems in Cafeterias

The Foxborough School District will be implementing NUTRIKIDS – a point of sale system designed to speed up cafeteria serving lines and give students more time to enjoy their meals and staff more time in the kitchen.

, Foxborough Public Schools announced it will be implementing a new point of sale system throughout the district designed to speed up cafeteria serving lines and give students more time to enjoy their meals.

Foxborough schools will be implementing NUTRIKIDS, a type of food service management software that enables parents to monitor what types of foods their child is buying and how their money is being spent at lunch.

“We have so many exciting things going on in food service,” said Foxborough Schools Superintendent Debra Spinelli. “We are starting it in a couple of schools right away and then, within a few months, all the schools will have NUTRIKIDS.”

Spinelli said one of the main benefits of the software is giving students more time to eat their lunch and the staff more time in the kitchen.

“Rather than [students] going in [the cafeteria] and paying [for lunch] as they do now, they will have an account and will have a thing they scan [to complete transactions],” Spinelli said. “It moves lines along faster and parents will be able to see what their kids are eating.”

Spinelli said the district has owned the NUTRIKIDS software but needed another component for the system before it could be implemented. That component has been purchased and the system will be up and running this fall, beginning at the , according to Spinelli.

“Parents [will] now pay online for food services and they will be able to see what their kids are choosing,” she said.

NUTRIKIDS is a website (click here) where parents and guardians of children enrolled in the Foxborough School District can create an account for their children to make deposits and view balances, according to a memo from Foxborough Schools Business Administrator Bill Yukna. The website also allows parents to access the nutritional educational features of MyNutrition, according to Yukna.

NUTRIKIDS, according to its website, offers the following features and benefits to Foxborough’s administration, students and parents:

Administrative Benefits

  • Minimize staff learning curves with simple to learn and easy to use POS screens
  • Benefit from flexible item pricing capabilities at school and grade levels
  • Track all changes to student information, meal status, prepayments and transactions
  • Prevent over claiming of meals served
  • Ensure that student eligibility statuses are not revealed
  • Transfer student account data from the district office to the serving line instantly
  • Use Comprehensive Provision II features to track base year activity and automatically determine base year percentages
  • Transfer daily sales information to the central office electronically
  • Track student allergies or parental spending limitation requests

Student and Parent Benefits

  • Generate student transaction history reports to communicate student purchases, charges, and prepayments
  • Secure online prepayments 24/7 with MyNutrikids.com
  • Prevent student lunch eligibility status from being revealed
  • Decrease serving line time with prepaid accounts
  • Increase time to eat with faster serving line time

Other benefits, according to NUTRIKIDS’ website, include: quickly process all types of payments in the cafeteria, track number of items sold at each serving line and verify students with on-screen class or picture rosters, PIN numbers, barcode cards, biometrics, or student name search.

NUTRIKIDS has been involved in food service management in schools for over 20 years, according to its website and now, beginning this fall, it will finally be apart of Foxborough schools.


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