Local Restaurant Owner Loves the Thrill of Business at The Common's

Alfred Mazeiko, owner of The Common's Neighborhood Eatery on Central Street, says seeing the look on a customer's face after a good meal is the most satisfying part of his day.

Brockton native Alfred Mazeiko has been in the restaurant business for a long time but it was his father’s nearly 30 years of employment in Foxborough that gave him the inspiration to buy The Common’s Neighborhood Eatery on Central Street in 2002.

“When we knew this place was for sale we knew we had to jump on it,” he said.

The original owners started the Common’s eatery in 1992. Since Mazeiko took over, he’s been developing relationships with customers who frequent the downtown.

“The regulars come in here and it’s almost like them coming into their kitchen,” he said. … “I will say we do bend over backwards for people as far as people want certain things and certain diets. If something’s not on the menu as a special we’ll do it for people.”

Mazeiko moved from the Clambox on Wolliston Beach in Quincy to Foxborough in 2002 because of the connection his father established in town as a school principal for 30 years. Mazeiko says he got into the restaurant business because he enjoys the challenges of the industry.

“I think you enjoy [the business] when it’s busy, Mazeiko said. “It’s almost like a game being able to keep up. … People always comment to us that they are amazed how quick they can get their food here. … When people enjoy what they eat, as a owner it’s very satisfying in this business.”

Have you had a meal at The Common’s? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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