Landlord Aims to Reopen Christina's as Steakhouse and Function Hall

After closing, landlord Nicholas Panagopoulos says he's working to reopen the restaurant as a steakhouse.

When , landlord – and now owner – Nicholas Panagopoulos promised to reopen the restaurant under his management.

A month after closing the Washington Street business, Panagopoulos is looking to make good on his promise to bring back the restaurant and function hall.

“We are making a complete renovation,” Panagopoulos said.

While there is currently no set timeline for a reopening, Panagopoulos said it would take about two to three weeks to lay out a plan for renovation and then at least another two months to complete renovations.

If Christina’s is able to reopen, Panagopoulos said he plans for the restaurant part of the building to be a steakhouse with what he called “reasonable prices.”

Currently, Panagopoulos says he plans to rehire the chef for Christina’s after two months but is not sure how much of his staff he can hire back due to the renovations.

When asked if he would be making good on any bookings affected by Christina's abrupt closing on June 30, Panagopoulos only emphasized he is focused on the renovation phase of the property. However, .

The renovation is another chapter in the ongoing saga that has been going on for roughly a month. The restaurant and function hall initially closed on July 30 after Panagopoulos claimed the owners did not pay their rent for two years, but

Shortly after closing, Panagopoulos promised to reopen and hire back as much of the staff as he could.

The opening will also depend on if Panagopoulos can get the liquor license transfer to him. Foxborough' Board of Selectmen will be holding a public hearing on July 24 at 7:15 p.m. to discuss the transfer of the all alcoholic beverages restaurant license to Panagopoulos.


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