5 Things: Gas Prices Spike, Patriot Mascot & Cheerleader Run 40-Yard Dash, Bass Pro Shops Fishing Classic & More

Here's five things you need to know in Foxborough for today, Feb. 22.

Editor's note: Five Things You Need To Know Today is a Patch column that provides readers with essential, daily information at a glance. If you know of something happening in town that did not make our list, please add it in the comment section!

1. Expect a Sunny Friday with a High Near 38 in Foxborough

Today’s weather in Foxborough, according to the National Weather Service based in Taunton, calls for sunny, with a high near 38. North wind 6 to 10 mph, with gusts as high as 20 mph. Friday night: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 26. East wind 3 to 5 mph.

2. Funny Video of Patriots Mascot and Cheerleader Running 40-Yard Dash

The New England Patriots have joined in on the fun surrounding the NFL Combine this weekend but encouraging fans to enter NFL.com's "Run Rich Run" contest.

Enter the contest by filming your own 40-yard run. Here’s the instructions, per NFL.com:

“It’s simple – wear your clothes and run the 40 at work, film it and don’t get fired. Then upload the video here. The best runs, and the worst, will air just before NFL Network analyst Rich Eisen runs his 40-yard dash on NFL Network to try and break his time of 6.03 seconds from last year. Those who submit videos will have a chance to receive a $200 NFL Shop gift card as well as a signed copy of Eisen’s book.

For more information, click here. To watch the video of Pat the Patriot and Patriots’ cheerleader Sara running their 40-yard dashes, click here.

3. Gas Prices Spike More Than 30 Cents in a Month; Are You Driving Less?

Gas prices in Foxborough continue their upward march, with prices reaching the highest point ever in February and up more than a quarter in the past month.

AAA Southern New England said its survey of prices in Massachusetts on Monday found self-serve, regular unleaded averaging $3.72 per gallon, four cents higher than a week ago and up 31 cents over the past month.

On Wednesday, the average price of a gallon of regular gas in Foxborough was $3.80, up almost 40 cents from a month ago, according to AAA.

The national average for self serve unleaded of $3.73 and a year ago at this time the Massachusetts average price was $3.60.

As of Wednesday, the least expensive gallon of gas in Foxborough was $3.71 at Cumberland Farms on Mechanic Street.

AAA offers a new gas saving tip each week with its gas price updates. This week, the AAA suggests drivers accelerate smoothly and brake gradually - it’s safer, uses less gas and reduces brake wear.

Tell us: Have you noticed the higher gas prices? If so, how are you reacting? Are you driving less? Tell us in the comments!

4. Patriot Place Events:

Here’s a look at today’s events at Patriot Place:

Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic: Join Bass Pro Shops for the annual Fishing Classic, Feb. 22 to March 10, featuring free seminars, boat specials, rod trade in, reel trade in and more. You can also enter to win a fishing trip with Tony Stewart. Click here for more information.

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